Parker, South Dakota

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Parker Development Corporation

The purpose for which the Parker Development Corporation (PDC), a non-profit corporation was formed is to promote, assist and to encourage the development and advancement of economic and business growth of the City of Parker and the surrounding area.

REVOLVING LOAN FUND-The goal of the PDC Revolving Loan Fund is to:

Assist and provide affordable capital for the retention, expansion, and creation of business and industry;
Create job opportunities and additional income for local residents;
Leverage other private and public funds for business and industrial development projects.

The Southeast Facilitation Project (SEFP) is a resource for business planning.  Following this link for more information:

The Meadows is a project of the Parker Development Corporation.  It is a residential and 1(one) commercial lot development located east of SD Highway 19 and 44.  Contact information for the lots is:  Parker City Office at 605-297-4453 or email:

The Parker Development Corporation Executive Board of Directors are:

Curt Lukes, President
Darrell Buller, Vice-President
Adam Jans, Secretary/Treasurer
Robbi Buller, Board Member
Donovan DeBoer, Board Member

Contact info for the PDC: PO Box 265, Parker, SD 57053-0265   Phone:  605-297-4453 or email at:

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