Parker, South Dakota

Life's A Little Bigger In A Small Town
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Mayor Nolan

Mayor Nolan welcomes you to Parker!
Mayor Nolan welcomes you to Parker!
Welcome to the wonderful place we call home in Parker, SD!  It is a privilege to be able to be a part of a community that values community, safety, and progress.  Located just 25 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, Parker offers a vast array of services that are both convenient and of high-quality.  From health services, including a clinic, dentist, chiropractor, and a pharmacy, to professional services, like our banks, contractors, daycares, and insurance agents; from access to essential goods from the grocery store, auto dealers & service, auto parts, hardware store, and lumber yard to quality-of-life and recreational offerings, provided by our restaurants, hair salons, coffee shops, bakery, event venues, and gift shops; there is so much available right here in town to take in and enjoy. 
It does not stop there.  Parker also has a multi-generational center that provides a home to the local preschool and senior citizen organizations, in addition to the clinic and dentist.  There is a well-maintained city park, skate park, and swimming pool available to the public.  Multiple summer recreation programs are available for all ages, including baseball, softball, and soccer that take place in the recently renovated athletic complex.  The public library provides an endless amount of entertainment where you would be hard pressed to be able to find a better small-town library in the region.  
Safety and infrastructure are of high priority as well.  The Parker Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Crew are first-rate, and the Turner County Sheriff’s Office provides constant patrol and protection for the community.  The Meadows, a housing development in the northeast part of town, has lots available for new homes to be built.  The city is embarking on the next phases of its water and sewer improvement projects and close to 90% of the town will have updated water and sewer infrastructure by 2025.  The city has also done various electrical upgrades over the last few years, and it was recently announced that internet access via fiber optics will be available to every house within city limits by 2025. 
Right in the heart of Parker you will find the K-12 Parker School District.  With its newly constructed and renovated facilities, it provides a tremendous educational experience for our youth when paired with the even-more exceptional faculty and staff.  Parker also serves as the county seat for Turner County and hosts South Dakota’s oldest county fair in the Turner County Fair, or what many of the locals refer to as “The Four Best Days of Summer.” 
Parker has seen many wonderful new citizens move to town and 35 new homes built over the last 10 years.  They have come to realize that Parker is a very special place and what makes “Life a Little Bigger in a Small Town.”
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