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Parker City Utility Information

 The City of Parker provides electric, water and sewer utilities as well as garbage service.  In case of an emergency you should call 297-4453.  After normal business hours; you need to call 297-4453 and listen to the telephone prompt in order to connect you to an on-call technician.

All new residents to Parker are required to have a $200.00 utility meter deposit on file with the Parker City Finance Office.  No utilities will be placed in your name until the meter deposit is paid.

All residents (both residential and commercial) utility meters are read on the 15th of every month.  Utility bills will be mailed to you on the 1st day of each month.  Utility bills are DUE the 20th of each month.  Failure to pay the utility bills on time may result in a disconnection of your electric service.

Further utility questions are to be directed to the Parker City Finance Office-located at 185 N Main Ave or by calling 605-297-4453.


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City Of Parker

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